The new pad þþ by world Champion þórður þorgeirsson.

With extended knowledge the pad is designed to achieve correct pressure on the back of the. This includes avoiding direct pressure on the spine of the horse, which often is a problem with earlier generations of pads. The panels are with the best shock-absorbing latex. The latex works together with movements of the horse. To achieve a narrow waist in the seat, the panels are shaped in the seat, to give a closer contact with the horse, without reducing the back contact surface.

The pad flaps are with 3mm soft latex covered with exclusive high quality calf leather.


“On the basis of many years of experience with pads, I have, together with Eques, designed this pad to achieve correct contact with the horse, while still having the feeling of a saddle sitting in the seat. Every detail is careful considered to make sure that the new þþ pad offers the best possible fit for horse and rider.

” – þórður þorgeirsson

Available in 16,5- 17- 17,5-18.

Pad þþ - Eques

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